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Limited Edition Wine Kits for Winter 2016

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What is A Limited Edition or RQ?

Limited Edition or Restricted Quantity Series feature a limited number of outstanding wine kits released on an annual basis. Announced each Fall, specific wines are offered each month from December through April. These unique and intriguing wines are available only during their month of release and are so immensely popular that pre-ordering is highly recommended to ensure you’ll receive these sought-after wine making kits.

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L’Âge de L’Élégance French Cabernet Sauvignon
(Release Date: December 2016)   $174.99 before discounts

Born of accidental breeding in 17th century France, L’Âge de L’Élégance has inherited its flawless balance of subtlety and daring from its wildly rich parentage.
Complex and concentrated with spice notes, red fruit and vanilla on the nose. This is a rich, full-bodied wine with structured tannins and a long finish. Pair with braised lamb, short ribs, aged gouda, or chocolate cake.
This is an 18-litre wine kit featuring grape skins, varietal enhancing yeast, and genuine French oak. Labels are included.

L’Âge de la Grâce French Chardonnay
(Release Date: January 2017)  $159.99 before discounts

Centuries old, cultivated by French monks, and named for the village of Chardonnay, L’Âge de la Grâce is a wine that is both simple and regal.
Densely textured with a steely minerality and creamy mouthfeel. This is an unoaked Chardonnay with notes of citrus, honey and melon on the palate, finishing with crisp green apples.This is an 18-litre wine kit featuring grape skins, varietal enhancing yeast, and genuine French oak. Pair with chicken in cream sauce, pasta primavera, brie, or charcuterie.
This is an 18-litre wine kit featuring varietal enhancing yeast. Labels are included.

L’Âge du Luxe French Merlot 
(Release Date: February 2017)  $174.99 before discounts

Named after the French bird Merlau, this late 17th century wine is the epitome of L’Âge du Luxe, known for being luxuriously ripe and soft.
Ruby red colour with aromas of juicy blueberries and cherries on the nose. This luxurious wine features ripe cherries, blueberries, a touch of spice, and soft tannins on the palate. Pair with roast pork, herbed chicken, mushroom tart, or camembert.
This is an 18-litre wine kit featuring grape skins, varietal enhancing yeast, and genuine French oak. Labels are included.

L’Âge de la Vaillance French Sauvignon Blanc

(Release Date: March 2017)  $159.99 before discounts

Named from the French word sauvage, meaning wild, this valiant vine once grew wild in France. L’Âge de la Vaillance is refreshingly crisp and dry.
Pale lemon colour with pronounced aromas of grapefruit, grass and gooseberries. This classic wine is dry yet invigorating, with flavours of citrus and grassy notes on the palate.
This is an 18-litre wine kit featuring varietal enhancing yeast. Labels are included.


Winexpert: LE Series
Reserve by December 3rd

Cabernet Franc- Washington State    (Release Date: January 2017)

Tasting Notes 
  • Ripe raspberry and red currant notes with black pepper and fresh mint leaf notes
  • Solid tannin providing mouth feel and structure

Sweetness: Dry     Body: Medium        Oak: Medium    $149.99 before discounts

Vermentino- Italy   (Release Date: January 2017)

Tasting Notes
  • Expressively refreshing
  • Peach, green apple and fresh lime
  • Hint of tarragon on the finish
  • Sip-worthy on its own
  • Quenching acidity

Sweetness: Dry    Body: Light-Medium    $144.99 before discounts

Milagro Red Blend– Spain  (Release Date: February 2017)

Tasting Notes 

  • Tempranillo, Garnacha and Bobal bring lush and hedonistic qualities. Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah offer body and structure
  • Notes of black and red fruit, cherry cola, anise and white pepper
  • Powerful yet subtle mouth feel

Sweetness: Dry     Body: Medium-Full       $149.99 before discounts

Blanc de Noir- California  (Release Date: March 2017)

Tasting Notes
  • Blanc De Noir is a French term which means “white wine from dark grapes”
  • No skin contact after pressing keeps color light and tannins at bay
  • Crabapple, white peach, grapefruit and hint of strawberry
  • Off-Dry

Sweetness: Off-Dry        Body: Medium     $144.99 before discounts

Grenache Cabernet- Australia  (Release Date: April 2017)

Tasting Notes 

  • Full bodied blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache
  • Black currant, cigar box, black cherry and raspberry
  • Warm spice rounds out the finish
  • grape skins

Sweetness: Dry     Body: Full         $164.99 before discounts



Passport Series 2017
(formerly Cellarcraft)
Reserve by November 17th

Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé – Sacramento County, California
Sweetness:  Dry                               Alcohol:  13%                     Body:  Medium

Fresh strawberry on the nose, with watermelon and cranberry accents. This crisp, fragrant rosé carries juicy strawberry flavours and tart red fruit notes on the palate. Balanced and refreshing, with crisp acidity and a subtle minerality.  $144.99 before discounts.


Kookaburra Red – Riverland Region, Australia
Sweetness:  Dry                               Alcohol:  14.5%                  Body:  Full

A bold, charismatic blend of Grenache, Shiraz, and Mataro loaded with raspberry, blackberry, spice, and a supple finish. Grenache brings ripe, jammy fruit flavours and hints of cinnamon spice. Shiraz provides a punch of blackberry, and plum flavours with elements of black pepper spice, while Mataro brings savoury, earthy notes, spicy elements and texture.    $164.99 before discounts


Nero D’Avola – Sicily, Italy
Sweetness:  Dry                               Alcohol:  14%                     Body:  Full

A lesser known Italian red wine grape, Nero D’Avola has long been a prized varietal in its native Sicily and in the last decade has been gaining favour in the rest of the world as a serious red, joining the ranks of big Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. Nero D’Avola offers aromas of ripe black fruit with notes of vanilla and smoke, and abundant flavours of ripe black cherry & plum with spicy accents, velvety tannins, and a long finish.     $149.99 before discounts


Riesling – Clare Valley, Australia
Sweetness:  Off Dry                        Alcohol:  12%                     Body:  Medium

Citrus aromas with underlying floral notes make for a fresh and vibrant aroma. Juicy lemon-lime flavours fill the palate, accented by orange blossom and apple notes, mineral tones, and a backbone of crisp,  energetic acidity. The subtle sweetness really makes the citrus sing in this succulent & refreshing white.    $144.99 before discounts


Syrah – Languedoc, France
Sweetness:  Dry                               Alcohol:  13.5%                  Body:  Medium-Full

Signature peppery bouquet, with raspberry and earthy notes; this classic varietal from Southern France is complex and harmonious with soft tannins. Flavours of blackberry and black cherry are accented with spicy black pepper and oak, hints of mint, herbs, mocha, and faint licorice on the finish.  $149.99 before discounts.



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