We supply the world’s largest assortment (over 160) of qualify essences specifically made for flavouring alcohol. An essence is not a flavour. A flavour is a simple and crude product compared to an essence. Prestige essences contain natural flavours, but, in addition, have extracts of natural oils, herbs, oak, etc. The simplest Prestige essence contains 8 different ingredient – only one is a flavour. A flavour is simply a flavour, an ingredient. “Flavours” are often synthetic. There are no synthetic flavours in Prestige Essences!

Essences can be used to flavour home-made or commercial alcohol. Try our European Connection Liqueur Kit to produce your own 20% alcohol 20+% base. Each kit will produce 23 litres of alcohol base, Once you’ve got your alcohol base, choose an essence, mix according to the instructions on the bottle and you’ll make a product pretty close to that which you can buy in a store. Quality is not cheap – it’s priceless.

Basic Instructions:
Mix the contents of the bottle with 2/3rds of the recommended amount of sugar and 500mL of your base liquor. TO YOUR  TASTE, top up to 750 ml and add more sugar only if required. Shake well to mix. Can be consumed immediately. Storage enhances flavour.
Approximate Sugar Equivalents:
112g = 125mL = 1/2 cup
170g = 188mL = 3/4 cup
225g = 250mL = 1 cup