Potassium Metabisulphite tablets, also known as campden tablets

Campden Tablets


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Product Description

50 grams.

Uses: Campden Tablets (AKA sodium metabisulphite) is a source of SO2 (sulphite) in wine making. Also used in beer making to treat water. Sulphites remove free chlorine and chloramines from municipal water supplies.

Directions: For every 2 L of wine completely crush one tablet. Dissolve in a small amount of cold water and stir thoroughly into wine. For water treatment, 1 tablet treats 75 L (20 gallons). Crush and stir into water. Each tablet weighs 1/2 gram.

Hint: Successfully dissolving the tablets correctly is imperative to ensure correct sulphite additions

Hazard Classification: Irritant, however, does not pose risk for allergic response – sulphits cannot under any circumstances provoke allergies. Individuals with asthma or emphysema should not breath the dust or the SO2 gas from the prepared solution. Note that due to media coverage, far more people consider themselves “allergic” to sulphites than actually are. For more information get the facts about sulphites.

Sulphites are found in ALL wines, both commercial and home-made. Without sulphites, wine would turn into vinegar.

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Weight 0.065 kg
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 2 cm

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