Dextrose (corn sugar)


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Product Description

Dextrose is a simple sugar made from corn that is 100% fermentable. Dry malt extract, on the other hand, is about 75% fermentable. Dextrose often used for priming bottle conditioned beer. Typically 140 – 200 g are added to prime a 23L (5 gallon) batch. Dextrose has a place in making the most economical beer kits possible (1 kg / canned kit), although we really prefer high quality malt sources such as Brew Enhancers, Dry Malt Extract, or Kreamy X for a much fuller flavour. Using to much sugar (1 kg / 23 L) like many older kits recommended will impart a “cidery” taste into your homebrew and is not recommended.

Many high gravity beers add a dash of dextrose as a fermentable source, usually around 10% or less of the fermentable sugars. Dextrose will lighten the body and color of the beer as well.

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200 g, 1 kg, 2.2 kg, 50 lb bag

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