Sorghum Syrup (Gluten Free Extract)


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Product Description

Made from premium White Sorghum, this syrup extract is 100% Gluten Free. It is mild in flavor and light in body (2-3L). One pound per one gallon of water will yield 1.040 SG. Sorghum has been used in brewing as an adjunct for years now, but is gaining popularity as a complete malt substitute in beer. People with celiac disease are allergic to gluten and thus have to avoid items with gluten in them, including beer. Substituting Sorghum extract for malt extract opens a whole new brewing door for people. While, the flavor of sorghum is not like malt at all, it can be used to make a very beer-like alcoholic beverage. It has a light spicy note to it, and the mouthfeel is low. We suggest additions of other gluten free adjucts, such as quinoa, heather tips, honey, belgian candi syrup, and to stay away from “citrusy” hops. A good rule of thumb is to use approximately 50% less hops when bittering sorghum extract.

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