Oak Barrel – 1 L


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Product Description

Premium 1 L Oak Barrel with stand and wooden bung. American oak, medium toast.

1Liter Oak Barrel is a nice addition to the vintage house of the passionate dabbler. Even though the cask is tiny, it is good for aging liquor, wine, vinegar, and cider.
The advantage of this small barrel is the speed of maturing: instead of keeping the drink in the barrel for six months or a year, you will have an artfully coopered an alcoholic drink within a couple of months.  The first thing to do will be filling the cask with water – you definitely don’t want your whisky to dehydrate the barrel. Dehydration could ruin the cask. Once barrel is sealed, fill it with your unaged whiskey. Don’t forget to leave 750 ml to the top (adding 750 ml on every liter of the cask; for example, in two liter barrel you have to leave 150 ml to the top) to prevent the evaporation. And finally, you can start aging your whiskey.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 20 x 25 x 25 cm

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