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100 mL.

Uses: Glycerine (AKA glycerol) contributes “fullness” or “smoothness” when added to wine. Glycerine also gives the wine “legs”, the viscous drips that run down the side of a glass in which wine is swirled. Also used when making freezer stocks of yeast to help prevent cellular lysis during freezing.

Directions: Stir in 3 to 15 mL per L of wine immediately before bottling. Use a syringe to measure accurately.For yeast freezer stocks, make the stock at 20% glycerine. Consult a good yeast or microbiology text for specifics.

CAUTION: Excessive amounts of glycerine cannot be removed from wine and will give a metallic taste. When in doubt, use a smaller amount and add more later or only add glycerine to a portion of the wine and blend in the rest later.

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