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Discount and Coupon Policy

Grapes to Glass: Discount and Coupon Policy

We at Grapes to Glass are constantly striving to bring you the newest, latest, and greatest products at the best prices. We work with local Canadian suppliers whenever possible and for those hard to find products we often work with both individuals and larger companies in the US and further abroad. We offer 10% discounts to customers that sign up with us (no charge for joining), 10% off all products for CowTown Yeast Wrangler members, and 10% off first-time customer’s first wine or beer kit (or recipe) purchase (must not already be in our store database). Our discounts and coupons are currently for in-store visits.  There are also a few considerations that apply to our discounting policy:

We often accept competitor’s coupons

Please call, email or come by the store to confirm. Any competitor coupon redeemed at our store must be presented and surrendered at time of purchase. We reserve the right to reject any coupon or discount.


Discounts and coupons do not “stack” unless specifically stated

We will always give you the best deal available, but ten 10% off coupons do not equal a free product. Yeast Wrangler’s 10% standing discount does not stack with other coupons or discounts unless specifically stated. The best single discount will be applied, whether it is a coupon, yeast wrangler membership discount, first time purchase, or a sale price.


Coupons expire

If we send out coupons, please check the date on the coupon.

Web deals are for online sales only

You can “buy” items on the website and come to the store to pick them up and still pay cash if you wish. The checkout process will give you several options, including payment options and pick-up  delivery, or shipping options. These web deal sale items are often items that are off-location in our warehouse and therefore not physically on our store shelf. Please call or email to inquire about specifics.
Please contact us with any questions:


5308 – 17th Ave. SW
Calgary, AB T3E 6S6

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